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What Is a Knocked-Out Tooth And How Can We Cure That?

Teeth can be extracted or knocked-out by a blow to the mouth or an accident in the face. This can happen, for example, when playing sports or riding a bike. If you take the right action as soon as possible, the tooth can be successfully replaced in the socket. There are different ways to save a knocked-out tooth. But, still, if there was no way to save a knocked-out tooth, you shouldn’t get worried. According to a recently published article in, Dr. Ebrahim AminSalehi, a Pearl Dental Group specialist, states that when a tooth is lost in an emergency case or an emergency tooth extraction occurs, dental implant placement is performed.

But before going to a dental specialist for applying dental implant, let’s take a look at the different actions you can consider for saving a knocked-out tooth.

Tips To Save Your Tooth

Remember that you shouldn’t panic. Just get a clean napkin and fold it, then hold it on the socket and bite. Then, for applying pressure, you can put your jaws together. If you need something for pain, do not take any aspirin medication as this can make the bleeding worse.

Another important action is to find missing teeth quickly. Once you have done this, do not touch the root. Since the root still contains delicate periodontal cells, which is essential if the tooth wants to rejoin the ligaments and bone. If it is dirty, lick it clean or rinse it quickly in cold water for 10 seconds. The next step is trying to put the knocked-out tooth back in the gum hole. If it is not easily entered, you can put it in the milk or put it in saliva by spitting it on a container. You can also keep it on your cheek until you see an emergency dentist. But the important point is that you cannot ask a child to keep the knocked-out tooth on her/his cheek since he may swallow that. Besides, remember that if the case is a baby’s tooth, be careful not to put it back on because it can damage the growing tooth.

What is asked most by the people about a knocked-out tooth is that how long a knocked-out tooth can last. Actually, time is gold. It is an essential factor in tooth survival. If the knocked-out tooth is inserted just five minutes after the event of tooth extraction, there is a possibility that the tooth will be saved. This time can be suitable until sixty minutes. It means that the chance of saving the tooth by the emergency dentist will be high between five to sixty minutes.

 Visiting the Dentist

And finally, you should go to the dentist as soon as possible. If you put the tooth back in, the emergency dentist will make sure the tooth is in the right place and move it if needed. If you put the tooth in milk or saliva, they clean it and put it back in. Then s/he attaches the tooth to the teeth on either side to hold it in place. As we mentioned earlier, when you cannot find the tooth or the dentist is unable to save it, different cosmetic treatments will be suggested.