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What is brain cancer?

Brain surgery is termed as growth of abnormal cells in the brain. It tends to arise from the primary brain cells and this includes blood vessels along with cell membranes. It is quite possible that cancer cells that have arisen in other parts of the body might spread to the brain with the aid of bloodstream.

The preparations

It has to be stated that if you are planning to undertake this surgery you should have a positive attitude. The surgical skills along with the tumour has a huge impact and if you are well coped to meet this surgery, it would be of immense help. A word of caution though you need to be prepared for a healthy and long recovery process and then good results could be expected

  • When you remove a cancer tumour it does require the help of qualified surgeons. They need to remove the cancer tumour without damaging the surrounding region of healthy tissue. It is going to be a very delicate situation if the tumour happens to be malignant
  • When a surgery is needed to remove any benign tumour then it can be solved without the need for any other form of treatment. When it is the case of malignant tumours it does pose a risk to your life and additional forms of treatment mechanisms are involved
  • With the aid of brain surgery it is only possible to figure out whether the tumour is benign or malignant. It could be diagnosed and this tissue could also be verified under a microscope as well.
  • With the help of a brain surgery, the extent of tumour can be understood. It is quite difficult to specify the borders of brain tumours till they are being verified by a neurosurgeon

If one is healthy surgery seems to be a viable option in treatment of brain tumours. The treatment option depends upon which part of the brain the tumour is diagnosed and based on radiography picture and clinical outcomes. With surgery the main aim happens to be removal of the primary tumour.

The recovery phase after surgery

Once the surgery is over a patient is taken to a recovery room. Once the patient does gain consciousness they are then taken to a neurosurgery ward. Limb movements are figured out and a degree of headache or nausea may be felt as well. It is possible that the eyes may be bruised after a surgery and a degree of discomfort is going to be felt a few weeks after the surgery. The scar is slowly going to fade away and become less noticeable in a period of 1 year. You may recover to a certain extent between 1 to 4 weeks. It is assumed that a patient is going to recover fully after 8 weeks of surgery

Why India

The brain tumour operation in India stands to be cost effective in comparison to the advanced countries of the world. This is taken into account that the quality of treatment can be compared to the best in the world.