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Benefits of 8 constitutional medicine for treatment

Benefits of 8 constitutional medicine for treatment

A long period of studies and research have found that human beings can be categorized into 8 body type or constitution. According to each constitution, they should have different diets, different exercises and different treatments to build a strong immune system and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. As a result of these findings, 8 constitutional medicine was founded by Dr. Dowon Kuon and was first introduced in 1965 in Japan. Ever since its first introduction, it helped to cure many patients and it actually helped to get rid of some intractable and incurable diseases.

Utilizing the understanding of physiology and pathology of body parts, 8 constitutional medicine strives to maintain the best possible condition of health of a patient by enhancing the immune system upto its optimal state.

The constitutions are different patterns of organ relations. They are grouped into 8. This is why it is called as ‘constitution’. Everyone is born with their own constitution out of 8 possible combinations.

Combinations of constitutions

  • Hepatonia:        Strong Liver and Weak Lung
  • Cholecystonia: StrongGall Bladder and Weak Large Intestine
  • Pancreotonia:StrongPancreas and Weak Kidney
  • Gastrotonia:     StrongStomach and Weak Bladder
  • Pulmotonia:Strong Lung and weak Liver
  • Colonotonia:    StrongLarge Intestine and Weak Gall Bladder
  • Renotonia:       StrongKidney and Weak Pancreas
  • Vesicotonia:    StrongBladder and Weak Stomachand Weak

Benefits of 8 constitutional medicine for treatment

Each constitution has its own dynamic associations and relations between different internal organs. So, everyone will have a strong organ and a weak organ. If a strong organ is getting stronger then it is called ‘overly unbalanced state’ and if the organs are in optimized state then it is called ‘suitably unbalanced state’. Overly unbalanced state is referred to as ‘Sick’ body and Suitably unbalanced state is referred to as ‘Healthy’ body.

Benefits of these medicines

If a patient is going to have a treatment with medicines of eight constitutions, then the state of their internal organs at birth will decide which kind of treatment he/she will be given. It can be a whole different treatment for another patient who may have same illness but different constitution as his/her internal organs are working in different states. By finding the weak internal organ at birth, it is much easier to cure someone’s cause of illness. It is basically an approach of uprooting the cause of illness rather than healing the symptoms of illness.

It can also define the materials one should consume to focus on optimizing the organs at its best level. Best example of an application of these findings is in treatment of cholesterol. Reducing red meat consumption and increasing the intake of fruits and vegetables will enhance the constitution to reduce cholesterol rather than taking conventional medicines to reduce cholesterol level. With these medicines, the focus is to balance the performance of the organ to optimize the health of a human body.