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Is Anavar worth buying for?

Anavar is a synthetic anabolic-androgenic steroid; a laboratory created the variation of the male hormone testosterone. It is available in a variety of milligram strength options and is commonly known in bodybuilding circles and medical environment as oxandrolone.

Buying the steroid

When it comes to find low-cost Anavar capsules, most bodybuilders and athletes turn to underground labs or black-market resources but always think that the drug you are buying may not be actually what you get. When purchasing Anavar capsules without a prescription, you are taking a chance on receiving a product that is not effective. When buying online, it is important to follow a simple yet important step. Using caution when purchasing any prescription strength drug without medical supervision and for non-medical usage such is common with anabolic androgenic steroids takes some common sense.

Online market

Take the time to look into the drug and how it may work (or not) based on your goals but before you buy online or anywhere else though, is aware of the difference between a medically recommended dose and the dosages are often taken by athletes.

Best Anavar dosage to buy

Most bodybuilders and athletes taking illegal non-prescription anabolic androgenic steroids for nonmedical purposes believe that they’re being perfectly responsible regarding usage. In medical scenarios, Anavar/oxandrolone was often given in a 2.5 mg tablet. A dosage could be relatively low, increased up to 5 mg, 10 mg, or even 20 mg tablets per day, based on the desired outcome. The dose was not given for more than two to four week at a time. Bodybuilders generally start at approximately 15 mg a day but take as much as 25 mg daily for as long as eight weeks. While this doesn’t seem excessive, it is over the recommended dosage guidelines.

Anavar is considered one of the gentler anabolic steroids with minimal androgenic effects, meaning that its potential for estrogenic and presentational side effects (female-like) is minimized. Still, side effects can (and often do) happen. Also be aware that any anabolic androgenic steroid, even a mild one like Anavar, can contribute to interference or disruption of otherwise normal organ and body system functions. Another thing: research not only side effects mentioned by other former users, which can be found on bodybuilding website forum boards or feedback left from sellers but also medical journals.

Side effects when you use Anavar

There is a lower risk of negative side effects for both women and men because this steroid is not very androgenic. The most common side effects in using this drug include sleeping difficulties, sometimes as severe to induce insomnia. Changes in skin condition may also result including itching, rash, and acne. Moderate to severe Anavar side effects can include but are not limited to severe allergic reactions that include hives, difficulty breathing, and swelling of the lips, the tongue, or the face. In the event of a severe allergic reaction, seek emergency medical treatment immediately.